Front Page of The New York Post - WOW!

- Mar 01, 2009

Today is Sunday, March 1st, 2009. Our opening night preview party is happening in 2 days, but today was the beginning of our publicity campaign to announce the discovery, acquisition and preview of the Bob Bonis Archive, featuring 3,500 unpublished photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones that Bob took between 1964 and 1966 when he served as the U.S. tour manager for both bands.

And what a beginning it is. The New York Post ran an exclusive preview of the collection with a great teaser on the front page showing the photo from the exhibit of Beatles' roadie, Mal Evans pointing a toy gun at Ringo's head. The article continued with two full pages of color and black and white photographs from the collection. Our publicist, Carol Klenfner at Susan Blond Inc. did a great job with securing this article to announce the collection.

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