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Paul McCartney on stage at the Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, August 19, 1965.

The Beatles’ fans, mostly screaming teenage girls, began throwing a soft British candy know as jelly babies at the band after George made the mistake of mentioning in an interview that he loved them. This spread to the US where jelly babies were unknown fans began to bombard them on stage with not only the hard US jellybeans, but also everything from paper, cups to other dangerous object.

Four days after their historic Shea Stadium concert The Beatles performed two shows at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston with a capacity of 9,200 for each show sold out. Seating for these shows were general admission. The show was presented by Houston radio station KILT and was advertised as the “Sixth Annual Back-to-School Show”

Exhibition: The Lost Beatles Photographs
Photographer: Bob Bonis
Subjects: The Beatles, - Paul McCartney
Date: August 19, 1965
Print Type: Archival Digital C-Print
C prints can also be made using digital exposure systems such as the Durst Lambda yielding a digital C print (sometimes called a Lambda print or LightJet print). These digital systems expose the paper using red, green, and blue lasers or light emitting diodes, and have the capability of correcting paper sensitivity errors.