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- Mar 06, 2009


A new photo exhibit now on display in Chelsea lets Beatles and Rolling Stones fans get an intimate, and previously unseen, look into the lives of Mick, Keith, John and Paul. NY1's Stephanie Simon filed the following report...

A picture of Rolling Stones front Mick Jagger in his underwear is one of many never before seen photos of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles featured at the new Not Fade Away Gallery.

The gallery was founded when Larry Marion got the rock 'n' roll fanatics call of a lifetime.

"For many years I've been in the rock 'n' roll memorabilia business, working with auction houses," he explains. "And about a year ago a gentleman called me up and said he had some memorabilia he wanted appraised and possibly sold. So I asked him to tell me a little bit about it, and he said, 'well my dad was the Beatles and The Rolling Stones U.S. tour manager.' So after I recovered from the shock I said, 'when can I see you?'"

The man on the phone was Alex Bonis, whose dad Bob, was not only the U.S. tour manager, but also a photographer.

"This is what I grew up with," says Bonis. "Some of these were in my living room and it was normal to me."

However, he said once in awhile, he would be surprised

"They were hanging up, and I'd see John would be Paul when I came home from school and double take on it and just carry onto my room and play guitar," Bonis recalls. "It was just normal to me, 'ah it's George,' and off I go."

Not only are these photographs an interesting snapshot of the British invasion, but, Marion says, they also highlight the stark differences between the Beatles and the Stones

"Beatles were more of a guarded organization with Brian Epstein really having tight control," says Marion. "And The Rolling Stones really positioned themselves as a different type of band. They were really the bad boys of rock 'n' roll. They were really trying to frighten kids' parents, where the Beatles were trying to charm kids' parents. And you can really see that in the photographs that the Beatles are a little more reserved than the Stones, who really let their hair down and you really see who they are."

The exhibit, entitled "The British are Coming!," is on display through April 14th.

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