Newsweek Magazine

- Mar 09, 2009


by Sarah Ball

It has the feel of a lovingly crafted album of vacation photos on Facebook: a bunch of young guys in beach chairs, nursing fruity drinks and flipping the bird at the camera. The caption could read SPRING BREAK '09. Only these aren't frat boys horsing around - it's the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, in the glow of their youth.

The candid snaps are from a recently unearthed cache of 3,500 images taken between 1964 and 1966, when the two bands toured the U.S. (New York's Not Fade Away Gallery will show 48 of them starting March 4.) The man behind the camera was the late Bob Bonis, a talent agent who managed the tours and got close to the bands. Too close? In one shot, Mick Jagger is captured dropping trou.

The stash resurfaced a year ago, when Bob's son Alex lugged a duffel bag full of his dad's memorabilia into appraiser Larry Marion's office. Most of it was of marginal value - tour credentials and the like - but then Alex innocently handed over a shoe box stuffed with perfectly preserved negatives. Now the two are sharing their find. "This is easily the most extraordinary discovery of my career," Marion told NEWSWEEK.

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